MyMercy aims to help people lead healthy lives, meet clients’ health and wellness needs, explain the health experience, and build trust as a provider. At the same time, the MyMercy login portal helps its registered members with online services.


MyMercy, a free service, allows patients to go online with their physician, view medical information, view test results, renew prescriptions, and book appointments and appointments electronically.

MyMercy Troubleshooting StepsĀ 

We both know this after trying the login and password recovery process. If you are still unable to complete the process successfully, the following steps may help. This common hardware, software, Internet, or network problem can cause the connection process to fail.

  • For those who connect through internal devices. The version of Internet Explorer on your PC must be 11 or higher.
  • For Mac users, the Safari version must be 7.01 or higher.
  • We now recommend that non-Macy’s users use the latest version of their browser.
  • Also, check the security settings and click on the Tools option. After that, you need to go to Internet Options and select the Security tab.
  • Delete your “perpetual cookies” and your browsing history from your Internet browser.
  • Check your network and internet settings.


  • Eliminate all unnecessary background tasks on your operating system through Task Manager.
  • Run the speed test once and see if you can get the bandwidth you want or not.
  • These are all suggestions that can help you get to this website. For more information, see EmployeeConnection Login Page Requirements.
  • The steps above are helpful if you want to log into EmployeeConnection to access all of your benefits.

MyMercy provides easy online access to parts of hospital records and test results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can view hospital bills and pay your bill online through the portal of MyMercy official login.

You can also improve your health management with the My Mercy Health app. We take the opportunity and convenience of adding new features like. Health features and new provider contracts to create a more personalized patient portal for you.